Covid-19 Policy: All guests are greeted with masks. The area is sanitized before cleaners arrive, then again after the cleaners are finished. An industrial-grade sprayer is used for extra precaution.

Villa Sposa

Nestled in the serene Catskills forest, this European Villa offers luxurious details to create your opulent haven. 


It's all about the tiny wedding.

It's all about the Romantic getaway.

It's all about the intimate event for 10 people.

It's all about the perfect live and work space.

It's all about peace of mind.

About The Villa
We embrace guests from all around the world.

The captivating home was built in typical Bavarian style as a spiritual retreat for nuns. The original prayer house has now been turned in to a meditation room blessed by monks, priests, shamans, and rabbis. With care, we assimilate many different cultures in its interior décor, making it the perfect place to decompress. 

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